Sliders T-Style

For T-Style guitars I have 2 main models.

  1. ’52 Nocaster®/Broadcaster® style set
  2. ’58 T-Style set


For the Bridge pickups, I use original spec AlNiCo poles in either ’52 Flush poles or ’58 staggered High D/G poles.  I commission a special “grind and sort” run of sand cast, vintage spec AlNiCo magnets, in A2, A3 and A5.  I always use a grounded base plate in either copper plated, zinc plated or original plain steel, tapped and threaded for the 6/32″ UNC screws.

My Neck pickups use specially charged, sand cast AlNiCo  pole pieces of traditional Flush height. Inside is the original thinner spec 43g PE single build coil wire under a grounded Chromed or raw Nickel Silver cover for that beautiful warm, but not muddy, “Bluesy” singing tone.

Project Details
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