Pre Assembled

S-Style fully “loaded” guard/supporting architecture

S-Style Guard in your specific style and colour fitted out with the following…

  • Oak-Grigsby or CRL open frame 3 or 5 way switch
  • choice of a selection of genuine “NOS” 1960’s or Slider’s reproduction Paper in Oil (PIO) tone capacitors
  • CTS 250k Audio taper pots, tested and matched (they vary heaps from stated resistance)
  • Full 22g vintage cloth pushback wire (no plastic wire anywhere here)
  • Vintage correct tone circuit
  • “Aged matched” pickup covers, 6-32 UNC screws with amber rubber spacers
  • “Aged matched ” Volume & Tone knobs with switch tip
  • real 1/32″ Alloy 50’s pattern ground/shield plate fitted (not that crappy silver paper decal).

Fully tested with signed shop report, ready to “drop in” with just 3 clearly labelled cloth covered “push back” wires to connect

The above can be built on one of my guards then lifted off and shipped on a cardboard “blank” as a fully completed “harness” ready to drop into your existing guard.


T-Style Control plate/supporting architecture

A complete period correct T-Style Control Plate/tone harness using,

  • New or Aged chrome control plate with dome knobs and age matched mounting screws
  • Current Oak-Grigsby or CRL open frame 3 or 4 way
  • Also available are genuine NOS/NIB 1963 CRL 3 way switches
  • Choice of a selection of genuine “NOS” 1960 or Slider’s reproduction tone capacitors
  • CTS 250k, solid brass shaft, Audio taper pots
  • Aged 22g cloth covered “pushback” wire
  • Vintage age matched Black switch tip
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