About Sliders

“The Slider’s Brand is committed to making the very best in vintage correct pickups for the smaller masses. The goal is to offer the exotic in extreme accuracy and historical correctness, always providing awesome vintage tone and inspirational playability. Things that make you want to pick up your guitar and not only play but express… Slider’s original time consuming and labor intensive production practices require the artisan builder, not machines and have long been abolished by the corporate world in pursuit of profit and mass production. We go all-out to provide ultra quality products and superior service to each and every one of our valued customers.”

What We Do

Simply, we make the very best sounding, vintage correct pickups.

There is so much hype about what makes good guitar tone. Seriously, it’s not about the “thinnest” Nitro paint finish, special trem blocks, freeze dried saddles, decaffeinated this or that, not even the neck or body wood. Hey, remember those clear Perspex guitars from the 80’s, even they can sound good so don’t tell me the wood or finish is all that important!

With the electric guitar it’s really all about 3 things:

  1. is you,
  2. the pickups and
  3. the string gauge

Everything else is way further down the tone food chain.

It’s like a digital picture, if you have a poor quality, low res image then you can zoom in and mess about all you like, the picture will still be bad or even get worse.
Best to start with a really great picture… LOL

Slider’s Pickups will make the difference you have always heard in your head, on classic recordings and the finest vintage instruments. Don’t waste any more money and most importantly, your valuable and irreplaceable time, remember …

“My pickups aren’t expensive, spending 25 years looking for tone in all the wrong places… that’s expensive!”

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